glitter jar?
Where is the glitter jar post?

hoi ok I have no idea how far back in my blog this is, so I’ll just make a little post about how to make one.

Glitter jars can be made p much anywhere as long as you have the ingredients and some therapists use it as a form of ‘calming’ since it completely distracts the client. It’s also used in certain psyche wards both as a craft thing to keep the patients occupied and again a personal self-made form of therapy which calms you right down. These are usually used by people when they’re having an anxiety attack, when they feel a sense of derealization, or when they have severe thoughts of self harm.

 imageThat is a glitter/calming jar.

There are two methods for this and you can try both.
The first one, and the one I use and personally suggest you need a jar of any size (fill it with water and shake it before you do anything to make sure it doesn’t leak).

From here you need:
-Glitter glue of your colour choice
-Fine glitter. You can get these at a craft store in pretty well any colour and some even glow in the dark. Have fun here do whatever you want.
-Food colouring (optional to colour the water. Personally I use the coloured water I think it looks pretty)

Get a bottle of glitter glue and pour some into a measuring cup. There’s no real set amount here. 
Boil the water. And I do mean BOIL it otherwise it will not melt the glue properly. (You should use about three times more water than you used glue. )
Once you have done that, mix in your fine glitter a little bit at a time - this is just so it mixes in easily. So like put a bit in the water and then gently stir the glitter in. Repeat until you’ve used all your fine glitter.

Now that’s done, BREAK OUT YOUR DEATH METAL SCREAM AND STIR THE VERY SOUL AND WISH FOR BEING OUT OF THE MIXTURE WITHOUT GETTING THAT HELL WATER ON YOU.  After that you’ll end up with a weird like foam layer?????? Scoop that off, that’s just glue you don’t need that. 

Now what you have there, pour into your jar (carefully). If you have too much, just let it settle and pour out the clear stuff at the top - you want to preserve as much glitter as possible!

Now you may have too little of that sparkly goop. If it’s just a wee bit, pour in a bit of boiling water to top it off. If it’s a lot, repeat the previous steps and make more liquid.
Personally here is where I add a couple drops of food colouring to give the water a more vivid colour - you may not need to do this.

Once you’re all done, make sure you leave a bit of air at the top of the jar, and then either hot glue or superglue it closed (so it has no chance of popping open while you’re shaking it and giving the entire surrounding areas [and yourself] a pretty serious case of glerpes.)

 Aaaaaand you’re done!

The other method (which I’ve found doesn’t work as well) basically needs the same stuff, minus the glitter glue. You fill the jar in tenths - 1/10 of vegetable oil 9/10ths of water. Then you just dump in the glitter and food colouring (you need it here since the glue colour in the glitter glue isn’t present), glue it shut and you’re done.